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In the age of social distancing, what if you could make your gift even more personal?
sharingbox introduces Scan for Happiness – a unique QR solution for retail, e-commerce, and post-card services.
Record a video in just a few steps and receive an instant, professional edit that will be added to your gift.
Because every gift deserves a personal touch.

Our solution for retail

As a retailer, you know that personalization increases customer conversion and builds brand loyalty. 
Offer your customers the possibility to add a unique gift-giving experience to their purchase, making their gift unforgettable.

Our solution for e-commerce

How do you really stand out in ecommerce? By making the customer experience even more personalized. sharingbox has created the perfect checkout solution to make online shopping even more personalized and fun!

Our solution for postcard services

Have you ever sent a postcard and noticed you didn’t have enough space to express all you wanted to say? We have been sending postcards since 1869, it’s a tradition that will never disappear! sharingbox has created a solution combining the best of both worlds – writing a postcard with a unique digital touch.


Bring smiles back to your customers.

When shopping, on public transportation or at work, the mask is now part of your daily life but sharingbox will not let you hide your smiles. Created on site in less than 2 minutes or remotely and then sent by mail, our masks will give you back your most beautiful expressions.


The instant masks

Même à distance, proposez à vos clients ou vos employés de créer leur masque personnalisé..Comment? Il leur suffit d’uploader leur photo sur Put a smile back on your customers’ faces instantly! How does it work? Users take a picture with the sharingbox and our hosts/hostesses handle the transfer of the picture to the mask, which takes only 2 minutes. 

The remote masks

Even remotely, offer your customers the possibility to create their own custom mask! How? All they have to do is upload their photo on a platform that we will have created with your colors in less than 2 minutes. Then, for an optimal result, our designer teams retouch the photos we print to finally send their most beautiful smile to each user.

* Add your logo on our masks customizables on the sides.


The VideoStudio allows for studio-quality videos to be produced at your event. Our videographers, equipped with high-end video gear, will direct your guests through a memorable shoot. After the shoot your guests will instantly receive their dynamic shareable videos. All the videos are automatically treated with tailored digital effects that highlight your brand’s visual identity.

If you’re looking for sharingbox to provide a turnkey video solution at your event, the VideoStudio can also be deployed in tandem with our immersive buildouts. Discover below an example of the VideoStudio capturing guests in front of our Neon Box, creating famous VogueBooth-like videos made popular by the New York Met Gala:

Discover our launch party video:


Create and print epic flipbooks right from the sharingbox. We will capture a short boomerang from which a custom flipbook will be printed in under 2 minutes.

The boomerang is also sent to your guests by email for them to save and share it on social medias.


Capture your guests stories, testimonials, or impressions with our video + audio booth. Possibilities are endless:


You can write prompts or give your guests a chance for free expression.


You can have them step in the shoes of a sports caster, and comment a sport clip of your choice.


Or you can have them answer a questions randomly drawn by the sharingbox out of a number that you will have prepared.

Either way, it’s a great way to create a link between your brand and your users.


Promoting a new watch, nail polish, collection of rings or bracelets? The studiobox is designed to capture your products on the small scale, from sneakers to watches to jewerly. It has a small footprint for in-store setups.

The studiobox can be fully customized to perfectly fit in your decor, or become the center of attention.


How to combine the personal and qualitative side of the photo studio with the pleasure of instant printing and immediate sharing?

Work with one of our professional photographers to create beautiful, high-quality photos of your guests. This includes a full studio setup, with backdrop, lighting, and gorgeous final images.