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How to make your exhibitions more interactive and attractive, engage your visitors and generate additional revenue in the digital era?
We have the solution: Scan & Capture.

Fully automated and adaptive

Scan & Capture  is a fully automated photography system that gives your guests amazing studio-quality photos of their experience.

Scan & Capture hardware can be mounted anywhere, and is fully cloud-based, allowing for easy installation and a fun, intuitive user experience. Once the photo asset is captured, sharingbox automatically shares with the individual guest in a format that is easy to save and share on social media.

The network

An intuitive user experience

The user flow


Are you ready to jump in the augmented reality world with Pick & Pose?

Have you ever dreamed of posing with your favorite hero, influencer, football player or artist? 
sharingbox makes this fantasy an immersive reality! Our unique pick and pose concept allows you to choose and pose next to the people that inspire you the most!

User experience is fun and intuitive. Let yourself be guided through the Pick & Pose experience by our new sharingbox AR booth, specially developed for augmented reality experiences.

#1 Pick your heroes.

#2 They appear on the screen as if they were real.
Record the video of you posing with them.

#3 Print your picture for a long-lasting memory.

#4 Get the video of your experience via email to relive this unforgettable moment.


Your guests can sit anywhere: on the wing of an airplane, the branch of a redwood tree, or on a construction beam high over New York City. With this setup, the only limit is your imagination.


You can transport your guests anywhere thanks to our greenscreen technology. Offer a choice of multiple backgrounds, from our catalog, or of your own designs.

For an even more immersive experience, combine the greenscreen experience with GIF or video format, or full body set up.


Use the giraffe extension to capture a bird eye view of your event. Choose from 3 printed backgrounds to make the experience completely immersive! Accessories related to the chosen background are provided.

For a fully immersive experience, use a custom designed vinyl floor or greenscreen.


Your guests will (literally) flip for this activation. With a constructed sideways or upside-down room, the captured images are digitally rotaded for a unique perspective, and a lot of fun.


Everything can be customized: outside branding, interior design, and furniture pieces.



Reminiscent of the neon box made famous at the New York City Met Gala, this turnkey solution will put you in the footsteps of the stars. sharingbox creates a turnkey version, easily deployable, and guaranteed success! Your guests will be in the spotlight for an unforgettable souvenir.

The neon box can be custom designed to create the desired effect. The neons can be mounted vertically or horizontally, and can be colored, or white.


Because everyone wants to feel like a kid again, ball pits are popular activations for all kinds of brands. Capture an overhead boomerang of your guests diving into the ball pit.

360° VIDEO

Capture immersive 360° videos using our turnkey sharingbox loop solution. Step on the platform, let the loop turn around and capture an awesome and unique animation. Nothing like you have ever seen before! Your guests will be able to instantly share their videos on social medias, and boost your brand’s online visibility.


The set up is a one-of-a-kind show stopper that people will be lining up to use. Six mirrored panels reflect the users and the custom back panel over and over again, creating unique images that are sure to be shared online.

Visitors can take a simple photo or a boomerang. This unique experience is ideal for maximizing shares on social medias and increasing your brand’s visibility.

The Kaleidoscope is also available in a mini version for captivating portraits.