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Are 400 printouts really enough?

On average, around 200 to 300 photos are printed during a party. A 400-photo roll lets you print out a photo every two minutes for twelve hours non-stop.

How long is the sharingbox gallery available online?

The online sharingbox gallery can be accessed for the 6 months following your event. You will have more than enough time to download it and share it with your friends.

When can I choose my pictures’ themes and printout formats?

You can choose the design after you reserve the sharingbox. You’ll have access to a client interface on which you can choose the different formats as well as the theme you want.
A space will be reserved for the name and date or even just a sentence that represents the celebration.

Does the customisation included in the price include the names of the married couple and the date?

Basic customisation includes the choice of a theme from our catalogue and a space for the names and the date.
We will create a preview for you so that you can have an idea of what it will look like, to make sure it meets your wishes.

Is it actually easy to transport?

The sharingbox is so easy to transport, it even fits in a Smart car!
We provide two transport bags: one for the top and one for the feet, making it easier for you when you come to pick it up.

What is the strip format?

The strip format is ideal if you have a book of gold. With every picture taken, the sharingbox prints
out two 3-photo strips. That way, you keep one copy and the guests can take the second. Practical!

Can I use the sharingbox outside?

Inside, outside, anything is possible! All you need is a power outlet. Enjoy every moment of your

Is the sharingbox lighting enough?

Sharingbox has an integrated flash, which lets you take pictures both inside and outside, even in
dimly lit areas.

What do I do if I have a problem with sharingbox during my event?

If you have any problem with your sharingbox, feel free to call us. Our phone support is ready to help
you until 1 a.m.
Contact: +1 929 295 0794

What if I don’t have Wi-Fi?

The sharingbox Mini works with or without Wi-Fi connection.
With Wi-Fi, your guests can send the pictures they just took to their email in real time.
Without Wi-Fi, the sharingbox Mini saves all the pictures. Once you return it to the office, it will send
the photo by email to the guests and will share your gallery.

Once the 400 photos are printed, does the sharingbox stop working?

No, you can use it as long as the rental lasts: if you finish the 400 printouts, sharingbox will still keep
a digital copy of your pictures. They will all be available on your online gallery after the event. So you
can take unlimited photos.