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sharingbox will rock your corporate event

Corporate events are much more than a moment for employees to gather. They are a key driver to meet the major challenges companies are facing today. First of all, they aim at strengthening your corporate culture. Then, they are a powerful way to engage employees. And finally,  they are a privileged opportunity for shaping a your employer brand, essential to attract and retain the best talents to your company. sharingbox activations are designed to help companies to achieve their strategic objectives while rocking your corporate event. Let us explain how.

We make your corporate event unique

Our core business is far beyond placing the same photobooth at every party. We push creativity beyond in order to make every single event different by creating a unique experience tailored to our client’s objectives. We love to stage powerful activations according to your brand image and your event theme. Some of our concepts such as the gravity box, the kaleidoscope and the giraffe experience  are a powerful ways to immerse your employees in your universe.

At sharingbox, we are convinced that our brand activations are a strong  way to get the best return on investment on a corporate event. Let us illustrate how.

We strengthen your corporate culture

Company events are a valuable way to highlight your corporate culture, that is to say your history, your core values  and your symbols. Indeed, employees want to work for companies they feel close and engaged. Let us show you how we can help you to reinforce your corporate culture?

From the staging, to the shooting moment and up until the email sent to your guests, we favours a fully customised design of both hardware ( photo booth itself) and software (screen saver, data collection screen and email sent afterwards).

This ultimate customisation allows you to spread your message all along the user experience strengthening the emotional link  with your brand.

We engage your employees

sharingbox is the most effective way to engage your employees during a corporate event. Have you ever tried to place a photobooth in an event? You will have a crowd, a warm atmosphere and a  laughing people straight away. It is really a great tool for networking as it will get people to engage conversation and to interact in a fun and spontaneous way with their colleagues. And you know what ? Fun is a must to make a company event successful. Corporate events are here to take a break from stressful days we all have in our business. So sit back, relax and enjoy the moment! 

The most impactful sharingbox concepts to engage employees ? Mosaic, Inscribe or Expression booth.

We raise your employer branding

Last but not least, sharingbox is the most effective way to activate your employer branding. How do we do ? We build the bridge between physical event and digital sphere. In other words, we immortalise a moment by getting your guests to share their picture on social media, especially on facebook or instagram. This way, we amplify memories and brand presence.  

Are you ready  to bring your corporate event to the next level ? We would be happy a create a unique experience for you! 

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