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Grazie a questo effetto unico, immergi i visitatori nel cuore della tua attivazione. Sarà sufficiente trovarsi nel posto giusto per scattare una “radiografia digitale”.

L’effetto è personalizzabile. Per integrarsi nell’universo visivo della tua attivazione, aggiungi le tue immagini nell’intro e outro del video e una colonna sonora di tua scelta.


sharingbox Response to Covid-19

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As creative entrepreneurs, sharingbox understands what it means to reinvent oneself and live in a world that is still connected, but in a different and more sustainable way.

This means we are taking a thoughtful and holistic approach to all of our projects, whether those projects are physical events in the future or virtual based in the present.

The process is important to us – it’s not just about the end goal but the way we can bring ground-breaking ideas to life with interactive experiences connecting brands with their audiences and providing a safe environment to all our ecosystem.



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