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We are a global leader in the design and production of brand activations through video, photo, and gifs. We work with most major brands and agencies around the world to create state-of-the-art experiences at live and digital marketing events. With proprietary hardware and software, sharingbox is at the forefront of experiential lead generation.

Our experience provides our clients with spontaneous brand engagement, organic event amplification, valuable user data, and social media presence through user generated content. Our solutions are most commonly used at store openings, product launches, PR and influencer events, marketing tours, festivals, and major live events.

In 2020, sharingbox joined DNP Photo Imaging Europe, notably the inventor of dye-sublimation printing technology and today the world’s largest manufacturer of dye-sublimation media.

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People in front of giraffe photobooth during FLASH event


Where it all began

This is the story of two best friends from Brussels who decided to run a fun business together in the photo event market.


Together, they embarked on this thrilling journey twelve years ago!


From the first prototype of the original sharingbox booth, it was immediately clear that this was going to be something special.


of the concept

More than just our events and cutting-edge technology, the sharingbox concept is designed to help achieve your marketing goals through driving traffic, enhancing brand awareness, gathering data collection, use of our brand ambassadors, and more.

This caused a great stir in the corporate market.



Success came quickly, and in 2014, sharingbox first opened in France and Germany. Within that same year, sharingbox expanded into the Netherlands and the USA, and then to Italy and Switzerland after that.

Today, sharingbox operates in 15 countries, building the largest international presence in the photo event market.

All you need to know
about our wonderful team

Our team is made up of some of the most dynamic creatives, marketers, designers, and developers, ready to create state-of-the-art experiences for live and digital marketing events.

our three differentiators

  • Our iconic photo booths are meticulously designed and crafted in-house.
  • Event manager is the most advanced, easy-to-use and competitive event software available on the market. 
  • sharingbox leads with innovation, priding itself on finding new ways of working within the imaging industry for marketing activations, revenue generation, and for fun!
Man laughing with son in front of zoo photobooth
Woman using photobooth


Our fixed solutions

Our Fixed Solutions department is fully dedicated to helping leisure, cultural and tourism sites create exceptional visual experiences for their guests that generate additional revenue for their venues.


Make it unforgettable

For private markets, weddings, birthday parties, and more, offers the best customer experience.

Live for the moment, we make it unforgettable! The story is just beginning.

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