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Gravity box

Illusion activation

the description

Invite your guests to defy gravity with our captivating Gravity Box.

This activation can be customized with internal and external branding, mounted furniture, and so much more.

We’ll guide you towards creating a unique, customized, immersive experience.

Gravity Box - Swatch

the benefits

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Illusion concept

Spice up your event with a fully immersive activation and make it irresistibly captivating

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Fun moments

Dive guests into your brand's universe in a stunning way

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Improve your consumers knowledge

Maximize your lead acquisition strategy with data collection

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Maximize your guest's engagement

Ignite your social media presence with dynamic branded photo & GIFs shared by your guests

the activation flow

  • Screensaver
  • Legal  / consent screen
  • Customer quiz or study  screens
  • Contact screen
  • Jump into the pool !
  • Have fun
  • Print the layout and receive it by email

the gallery