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Unifying & Digital activation

the description

Enhance audience engagement and connectivity with our Remote Mosaic concept, which enables users to seamlessly upload images from their personal devices to a branded platform.

With each addition, the mosaic dynamically reshuffles, ensuring its perpetual completion and fostering a profound sense of community and shared experience.

the benefits

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Create an amazing thread throughout your event

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Guest engagement

Create a strong emotional connection between your guests and your brand

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Lead acquisition

Maximize your lead acquisition strategy with data collection (GDPR)

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Social Media Reach

Ignite your social media presence with dynamic branded photos shared by your guests

the activation flow

  • Screensaver
  • Legal  / consent screen
  • Select your experience between photo or GIF
  • Capture the moment
  • Approve or Re-do
  • Enter email for sending
  • Email marketing consent
  • Online publishing consent
  • Photo printing and photo or GIF sending