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Snowglobe result

Snow globeS

Goodies activation

the description

Rekindle cherished childhood memories as you envelop guests in a flurry of snow, and leave them with a personalized snow globe keepsake.

Snow globes template

the benefits

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Personnalized deco

Reinforce your brand presence in guests’ home or office

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Traffic in store

Boost in-store traffic during the holiday shopping season

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Improve your consumers knowledge

Maximize your lead acquisition strategy with data collection

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Maximize your guest's engagement

Generate brand exposure thanks to an aesthetic result that encourages guests to share their photo online

the activation flow

  • Screensaver “Touch the screen”
  • Take a pose and print your picture
  • Press to cut the picture
  • Take a snowglobe and open it. 
  • Insert both parts of the picture into the snowglobe.
  • Enjoy shaking your snowglobe!

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