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The loop 360 degrees photobooth


Funny activation

the description

Capture fun and immersive 360° video using The Loop sharingbox.

Your guests will step onto the platform and pose as the Loop’s rotating arm captures them from every angle. They’ll receive a branded slow-motion video that they’ll be eager to share on social media.

the benefits

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Spice up your event with a dynamic and fun 360° activation and make it irresistibly captivating

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Dive guests into your brand's universe.

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Maximize your lead acquisition strategy with data collection.

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Social media

Ignite your social media presence with dynamic branded video shared by your customers.

the activation flow

  • Users step onto the LOOP platform
  • Hostess runs the app and the LOOP arm
  • Users scan QR code with their phone
  • Users fill the form to get their video

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