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We are sharingbox.
We create video, GIF, 360°, photo, interactive, greenscreen, 3D,  mosaic, boomerang, immersive, 120°, slowmotion, brand, video mapping, hologram, memorable 

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A slick photobooth powered by cutting edge software.

We have a sharingbox to capture every emotion.

sharingbox booth

sharingbox mini

The most versatile photobooth in the world.

Everything about the sharingbox mini is perfect, down to every detail.   download pdf

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sharingbox original

High class look, elevated experience.

The sharingbox original offers a large branding space thanks to its customizable panels and 22” touch screen.  download pdf

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sharingbox spin

The multi-camera array to capture your audience from all angles.

Create epic 3D bullet-time GIFs using our multicam array, the sharingbox spin. download pdf

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sharingbox ring

Fully digital, compact footprint.

Your audience will feel beautiful in any circumstance with the sharingbox ring and its 360º LED light. Ideal for photos, GIFs, and boomerangs alike  download pdf

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sharingbox mobile

Don’t wait for visitors to come.

Go engage them where they are, using the fully wireless sharingbox mobile.  download pdf

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sharingbox cabin

Impressive, in all aspects.

With two screens, an integrated printer, double DSLR camera rigs, and built-in flash, the enclosed photobooth by sharingbox has all the bells and whistles you could wish for.  download pdf

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sharingbox loop

Round and round we go.

Step on the platform and let the sharingbox loop’s camera arm circle around you to capture a unique 360º slowmotion video. Like nothing you have ever experienced before.  download pdf

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sharingbox media

Digital and social media in your venue.

Wall mounted or on its pole, the sharignbox media is geared towards long-term or permanent set ups.  download pdf

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sharingbox maxi

Ultra robust, maximized visibility.

With its extensive branding space and extended printing capabilities, the sharingbox maxi offers full autonomy.  download pdf

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Enhance the reality of users by superimposing virtual elements in a real life situation. 

This innovation transcends the real world and allows users to pose alongside your creations for a totally unique immersive experience.

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Case Studies

The sharingbox is loaded with our own proprietary tech, that gives us the leading edge when it comes to making it work towards your goals. As simple or as intricate as they may be.

Discover how our clients have used sharingbox to maximize the ROI of their activations.

We generate content for the top players in every industry across 20 countries.

You’re a national or global brand?
95% chances we’ve already worked with you.

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45 offices in 20 countries,

means we operate everywhere in the world, but we live close to you.

Sharingbox USA

456 Johnson Ave Unit 305
Brooklyn, NY 11237-1202

831 N Sycamore Ave Unit B
Los Angeles, CA 90038

745 Atlantic Ave
Boston, MA 02111
+1 929 295 0794
sharingbox USA

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      As creative entrepreneurs, sharingbox understands what it means to reinvent oneself and live in a world that is still connected, but in a different and more sustainable way.

      This means we are taking a thoughtful and holistic approach to all of our projects, whether those projects are physical events in the future or virtual based in the present.

      The process is important to us – it’s not just about the end goal but the way we can bring ground-breaking ideas to life with interactive experiences connecting brands with their audiences and providing a safe environment to all our ecosystem.


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