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Photo booths for all kinds of individual events

Discover, our online booking platform for photo booths, which ensures your wedding, birthday, party, and more are unforgettable!


In just a few clicks:


  • Select the photo booth of your choice
  • Choose from exclusive photo papers and print quantities 
  • Customize your event with a wide selection of 160 pre-designed photo layouts
  • Choose your pick-up location 
  • Book your photo booth using our secure online payment system


Once booked, enjoy:


  • Unlimited digital photos, GIF or boomerang captures
  • Access to your digital photo gallery for a full 365 days
  • Personalized email content to share the love with your guests
  • Peace of mind with our free cancellation policy up to 30 days before your event
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Easy to transport & setup in 5 minutes with no tools required

Our photo booths capture great memories for both you and your guests

The POP-UP PRO Once received, it's ready to use!

The POP-UP PRO Once received, it's ready to use!

Introducing the innovative POP-UP PRO, the latest photo booth creation from sharingbox. This one-of-a-kind booth is not only easy to transport but can also be set up in under a minute! Compact and lightweight, the POP-UP PRO is perfect for small spaces and can be conveniently placed on the floor or a table. Equipped with a DSLR camera and a high-resolution printer, this booth delivers top-quality photo prints in just about ten seconds! Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience the POP-UP PRO firsthand!


The MINI is The sharingbox's iconic photo booth

The MINI is The sharingbox's iconic photo booth

Its sleek, premium look makes The MINI the star of your event. It features a DSLR camera and DNP printer for high quality photos in less than 10 seconds. Its innovative design allows for easy transport and tool-free installation in less than 5 minutes. Pick The MINI up at sharingbox's office!

sharingbox MINI
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Entertain and engage your guests

Our photo booths will create a laugh-out-loud moment at your event, creating a warm and glamorous atmosphere with your guests

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Create memorable souvenirs

Capture memorable moments with instantly printed photos for your guests

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Make your event unique

Explore our many customization options for an unforgettable experience

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Customize your very own event online

Choose your design, your output, and write your text

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About Photo booth rental services for private event

In which country can I rent a photobooth?

If you want to rent a photobooth in France, Belgium, Italy, The Netherlands or Switzerland, please visit


If you want to rent a photobooth in Germany, Spain, the United States or another country, please fill out this form:

Can I rent a photobooth for next week?

We need minimum 11 days prior to your event date to get everything ready for you! But in case of emergency, you still can contact our teams!

What if I don’t find the perfect theme for my event?

You can contact us to have a bespoke activation made by our design team! This additional service will of course be charged.

Are the accessories included in the package?

The props are not included but they will soon be available on our website!

Can I use the photo booth outdoors?

If the photobooth is protected from direct sun and rain, it can be placed outdoors. However, our photo booths are usely used indoors