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The smart cards are combining both tradition and modern technology. They come to life and become interactive when you scan the QR code printed on it.

This option works with any of our remote activations.

Step 1

Users land on a branded platform with your logo & colors where they discover the best wishes video message from  their management as well as an invitation to participate in the Remote Digital Mosaic*.

*or any other remote activation

Step 2

To take part  in the Remote Digital Mosaic experience, each user is invited to take/upload a picture of themselves.

They are also requested to  indicate their email address and you can choose the option to ask them a few questions and or allow them to write free a message.

Step 3

At the end of the experience, each user  will receive an individual video that they will be eager to share on social media.

The mosaic image gathering all users’ pictures is accessible online through a dedicated website and is reshuffled each time a user adds their photo so that it is always complete.

A the end of the activation,  you will received a video including all the pictures taken, that you’ll be able to share with your guests on social media.


In the age of social distancing, what if you could make your gift even more personal?
sharingbox introduces Scan for Happiness – a unique QR solution for retail, e-commerce, and post-card services.
Record a video in just a few steps and receive an instant, professional edit that will be added to your gift.
Because every gift deserves a personal touch.

Our solution for retail

As a retailer, you know that personalization increases customer conversion and builds brand loyalty. 
Offer your customers the possibility to add a unique gift-giving experience to their purchase, making their gift unforgettable.

Our solution for e-commerce

How do you really stand out in ecommerce? By making the customer experience even more personalized. sharingbox has created the perfect checkout solution to make online shopping even more personalized and fun!

Our solution for postcard services

Have you ever sent a postcard and noticed you didn’t have enough space to express all you wanted to say? We have been sending postcards since 1869, it’s a tradition that will never disappear! sharingbox has created a solution combining the best of both worlds – writing a postcard with a unique digital touch.


The ultimate capture experience for live events

sharingbox is proud to announce our exclusive North America partnership with Showbolt. 

As part of Mark Roberts Motion Control, a Nikon owned company, they have over 50 years of expertise in Motion Control robotics for the Film & Entertainment industry. With growing demand for the production of high quality video content available to share at speed, Showbolt was tailored to the requirements of the Experiential & Events industry.

Cinematic quality videos at scale

Offering the fastest camera robotic arm in the world, Showbolt can capture, edit and share cinematic quality video in seconds. The sophisticated software offers full customisation of the experience from the movement of the robotic arm to the edit of the final video meaning no two events are ever the same. 
Showbolt’s international credentials include XBOX, Disney, Redbull & Tiktok with concepts that have evolved with sophistication pushing the possibilities beyond the red carpet. 

See Showbolt in action


Engage and connect while social distancing.

Discover our three available options below:

Option 1 – Get the QR card

1. Get the QR CARD

Users are physically given a card or some type of collateral onsite at the beginning of the experience that contains a unique QR code.


Users scan their QR codes at each photo experience through their car windows. No data capture is available as no personal information is entered.


Post-experience the users scan their QR codes on their cards to access private galleries that host their photos taken through the experience. The photos are available for download/saving on their personal devices.

Option 2 – Mobile Registration


Users enter a digital platform via QR or link. This can be given via email or a universal QR on a banner or any type of collateral for onsite.


On the platform, users enter their email, name, zip code (totally customizable). This generates a QR code to be used to trigger each photo activation.


 Post-experience users receive all their  photos via email. They can also use their individual QR code  to access private galleries that host their photos taken through the experience. The photos are available for download/saving.

Option 3 – Roaming Photographer


A roaming photographer will snap photos of users in their cars.


After their photo is taken, a QR code will pop up on the screen that users can scan for sharing. They will be directed to a platform where they can enter their information.


 Post-experience users receive their  photos via email or text.


Create branded User Generated Content with your community, from anywhere.

Stories brings your community together to create, share and explore original content. The web and mobile platforms work seamlessly to automate the production of fast, branded UGC in real time.

Fully automated videos

This experience allows custom branding in the final output. No post production is necessary. 

Final  videos can look like anything that makes sense for your brand:sports highlights, movie trailers, news clips, testimonials, product reviews, social memes, etc. 

Try the experience with your webcam by clicking on the image below or with your smartphone by scanning the QR code.

The gallery

Created just for your community, individual videos and gallery are customised to match your campaign. Change logo, colors, background, buttons easily.


Bring smiles back to your customers.

When shopping, on public transportation or at work, the mask is now part of your daily life but sharingbox will not let you hide your smiles. Created on site in less than 2 minutes or remotely and then sent by mail, our masks will give you back your most beautiful expressions.


The instant masks

Même à distance, proposez à vos clients ou vos employés de créer leur masque personnalisé..Comment? Il leur suffit d’uploader leur photo sur Put a smile back on your customers’ faces instantly! How does it work? Users take a picture with the sharingbox and our hosts/hostesses handle the transfer of the picture to the mask, which takes only 2 minutes. 

The remote masks

Even remotely, offer your customers the possibility to create their own custom mask! How? All they have to do is upload their photo on a platform that we will have created with your colors in less than 2 minutes. Then, for an optimal result, our designer teams retouch the photos we print to finally send their most beautiful smile to each user.

* Add your logo on our masks customizables on the sides.


With events on pause, how do we grow business and engage digitally?

We never imagined something like COVID-19 could have such a sudden and severe impact on business and society as a whole. We have been working diligently to create new solutions that allow you to engage your employees, your clients, and your community while public gatherings are on hold. Today, we are proud to introduce the remote Digital Mosaic Experience! Discover three ways to utilize the tool, according to your objectives.


Our Mosaic for Community allows fans, employees and customers to engage and feel connected from the safety of their homes via their personal devices. Just because people aren’t together, doesn’t mean they should feel isolated.  Create a sense of community and shared experience with the Mosaic for Community.


Make a corporate commitment to make a donation for each consumer/employee participation in  your mosaic.

Mosaic for Charity, another remote digital mosaic, is a great way to communicate on your corporate social responsibility and to engage your community in a stance you take.

Each participant is able to upload his picture which recreates the final mosaic image at the end of the experience.


Mosaic for e-commerce, allows you to engage your community while generating sales.

Each photo taken will help complete your chosen mosaic image, one tile at a time, thus creating an emotional link with your brand.

Each participant will receive a promo code to use on your webshop  in addition to his sharable individual mosaic video.


How to make your exhibitions more interactive and attractive, engage your visitors and generate additional revenue in the digital era?
We have the solution: Scan & Capture.

Fully automated and adaptive

Scan & Capture  is a fully automated photography system that gives your guests amazing studio-quality photos of their experience.

Scan & Capture hardware can be mounted anywhere, and is fully cloud-based, allowing for easy installation and a fun, intuitive user experience. Once the photo asset is captured, sharingbox automatically shares with the individual guest in a format that is easy to save and share on social media.

The network

An intuitive user experience

The user flow


The VideoStudio allows for studio-quality videos to be produced at your event. Our videographers, equipped with high-end video gear, will direct your guests through a memorable shoot. After the shoot your guests will instantly receive their dynamic shareable videos. All the videos are automatically treated with tailored digital effects that highlight your brand’s visual identity.

If you’re looking for sharingbox to provide a turnkey video solution at your event, the VideoStudio can also be deployed in tandem with our immersive buildouts. Discover below an example of the VideoStudio capturing guests in front of our Neon Box, creating famous VogueBooth-like videos made popular by the New York Met Gala:

Discover our launch party video:


Are you ready to jump in the augmented reality world with Pick & Pose?

Have you ever dreamed of posing with your favorite hero, influencer, football player or artist? 
sharingbox makes this fantasy an immersive reality! Our unique pick and pose concept allows you to choose and pose next to the people that inspire you the most!

User experience is fun and intuitive. Let yourself be guided through the Pick & Pose experience by our new sharingbox AR booth, specially developed for augmented reality experiences.

#1 Pick your heroes.

#2 They appear on the screen as if they were real.
Record the video of you posing with them.

#3 Print your picture for a long-lasting memory.

#4 Get the video of your experience via email to relive this unforgettable moment.