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The smart cards are combining both tradition and modern technology. They come to life and become interactive when you scan the QR code printed on it.

This option works with any of our remote activations.

Step 1

Users land on a branded platform with your logo & colors where they discover the best wishes video message from  their management as well as an invitation to participate in the Remote Digital Mosaic*.

*or any other remote activation

Step 2

To take part  in the Remote Digital Mosaic experience, each user is invited to take/upload a picture of themselves.

They are also requested to  indicate their email address and you can choose the option to ask them a few questions and or allow them to write free a message.

Step 3

At the end of the experience, each user  will receive an individual video that they will be eager to share on social media.

The mosaic image gathering all users’ pictures is accessible online through a dedicated website and is reshuffled each time a user adds their photo so that it is always complete.

A the end of the activation,  you will received a video including all the pictures taken, that you’ll be able to share with your guests on social media.