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Elevate your brand with sharingbox retail activations

Get ready! The holiday season is just around the corner and the retail landscape keeps on evolving. Consumer behaviour is changing and the new online shopping trends are challenging physical point of sales. As a retailer, you need to stand out from the competition to attract and retain clients. But what do customers want for Christmas 2019? sharingbox unveils its prediction… This year, experiential marketing will be the key to success. Indeed, over the passed years, we have observed a decline in traditional advertising campaigns. Marketing has become a subtle game and it seems that the best way to engage customers is to engage them in experiences they want to take part and share. And this is exactly what we do. sharingbox retail activations help you to play the subtle angles of your retail strategy in order to make your holiday season merry and bright! How?

We drive traffic and sales

Photobooths are people magnets. Indeed, people love taking pictures of themselves to have a memory. But sharingbox is not only about taking pictures. We create one-of-a-kind concepts according to our client’s objectives. sharingbox has got the perfect features to generate traffic to your online or physical store. With the sharingbox mobile, photograph potential customers on the street and attract them to your store where they will be able to print their photo. To increase sales volume, add a customizable voucher to the printed pictures, with the incentive of your choice (free product, discount, etc.).  

But the reach you can obtain with sharingbox retail activations in-store is going far beyond space and time.

We increase your brand awareness on social media

sharingbox is the most effective way to engage your customers during the holiday season. We create a unique experience for them that they will want to share with their network. Cinemagraph or Double Exposure are captivating concepts for social media. With the instant sharing option we propose, your branded photo will invade the digital sphere.  This way, we amplify your brand presence on social media.

We capture data

Holiday shoppers are not known to be the most loyal as they sometimes come for a one time purchase. To fidelise this segment, it’s crucial for retailers to collect data in order to enter in a long-term relationship with them. sharingbox is the perfect way to collect data in accordance with the GDPR in order to enter a long-term relationship with them. Today, a clean and complete database is worth gold when it comes to show value to customers based of their age, interests etc…

sharingbox is creating unique experiences to offer customers a value that online shopping can’t reach. You have an experiential retail concept in mind? Let’s bring it to life! Our team would be delighted to create an unforgettable experience for your customers.

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