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Photobooth Data Entry - Providing secure digital input for personal data collection with GDPR compliance during your interactive photo experiences.


sharingbox enables you to collect data during your photo activation, ensuring compliance with GDPR regulations. Only the data of users who have provided their consent will be gathered. Additionally, if you opt not to collect data, users will be informed that their data isn’t being utilized, and none of it will be stored. Our software seamlessly adjusts to align with your privacy policy.

Email address collection

Expand your sales and marketing database by gathering email addresses from your audience to enhance your business endeavors. We facilitate the collection of customer consent in a clear and transparent manner through a dedicated screen.

Should you choose not to utilize their contact information, we ensure clarity within the User Experience flow. Users will be informed that their email address will solely be utilized for receiving their image and nothing else.

Receive Photobooth Images by Email - Capture memories and seamlessly receive them via email while ensuring your data is protected under GDPR standards.

Customizable Photobooth Experience - Personalize your photobooth session with tailored options, knowing your data preferences are handled with care


Leverage our impressive 88% open rate to deliver highly relevant content and calls to action to your audience. Our software includes user qualification features seamlessly integrated into its functionality. Engage users with open-ended questions (such as name, phone number, zip code) or closed-ended questions with pre-populated answers for effortless selection.

Legal disclaimer

Do you have a legal disclaimer that participants must agree to before using the sharingbox? Send it to us and we will add it to the experience.

Audi Event Photobooth Privacy Consent - Participate with confidence in Audi’s branded photobooth events, with a clear affirmation of privacy policies and terms.

Responsible Photobooth Fun - Age verification interface ensures a responsible and age-appropriate photobooth interaction, adhering to legal requirements.

Age gate

Need to restrict the experience to a certain age group? Use the Age Gate feature. At the beginning of the user flow, participants are asked for their age or date of birth. If they are under a certain threshold that you set, they won‘t be able to continue.

Image rights

Do you plan to use the participants‘ pictures, GIFs or videos for further marketing or communication purposes? You can have them agree or disagree to let you use their image. You can easily retrieve all images you have the right to use through our back office or API.

Social Media Engagement with Moschino - Authorize Moschino to feature your photobooth pictures on social media with a simple tap, under GDPR guidelines.

To your audience,

  • Transparency: Users are clearly informed about how their information will be used, what choices they have regarding their privacy, and what rights they have.
  • The ability to provide their consent.
  • Access to their personal data collected on a sharingbox through a dedicated platform:
  • The right to be forgotten (RTBF), with a simple and straightforward deletion request process.

We know how important and critical data collection is to your business, and we are fully committed to the success of your activation in this regard as well.

For this purpose,

  • An easy way to comply with current data collection regulations through our GDPR-compliant event management platform.
  • An easy way to access, filter, download and permanently delete data from our servers.
  • Peace of mind with our highly secure servers (AWS) and system cloud.