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Specifically designed for long-term placement or as a permanent installation, the sharingbox media is the perfect option for venues such as restaurants, clubs, bars, sport venues and hotels. Whether it’s attached to the wall or set up on its foot, the sharingbox media takes up very little space while offering plenty of room for branding.

DIGITAL & social

Once installed in your venue or long term event, the sharingbox Media opens the door to a digital world. Attached to the wall, the sharingbox media takes as much space as a poster ad, but allows for so many more interactions, it will amplify your venue’s social media presence. By connecting to your audience and clientele by email, you can enrich your database, initiate loyalty programs, couponing, and generate traffic to your web and social media platforms.


  • Built-in lights and flash
  • Canon EOS camera
  • 20” Touch screen
  • Removable foot
  • Customizable panels
  • Wall mount

Designed to fit anywhere.

technical details

Electric consumption
700 W, 1200 VA

Internet connexion
Wifi, 3G, 4G

42,6 Kg

The sharingbox Media