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Our flagship device, the sharingbox mini is the most advanced and versatile device in the industry. Super fast to mount, highly transportable and resistant. With its compact architecture, built-in components, and sleek design, the sharingbox mini perfectly fits in most environment, making it the ideal solution for the majority of activations.

excellence in every detail.

The sharingbox mini benefits from four generations of
improvements and upgrades.

Everything about it is perfect, down to every detail.
Fast and tool-free mount, small and highly transportable,
fully equipped with industrial-grade touchscreen, latest
generation server, wifi or 4G, high quality printer, DSLR
camera, it is the ultimate photo activation tool.

Its design and ease of use makes it the best device
availble on the market.


  • Integrated lights
  • Canon EOS camera
  • Built-in Printer
  • 20” Touch screen
  • Customizable panels
  • Wifi, RJ45, 4G
Mini sharingbox

Designed to fit anywhere.

technical details

Electric consumption
720 W, 1200 Va

Internet connexion
Wifi, RJ45, 4g

77,8 Kg (incl. printer & bags)

Bags dimensions
Top: 62 cm x 49 cm x 60 cm
Bottom: 116 cm x 47 cm x 17 cm