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With a screen larger than most photo booths, the AR Booth is specially designed to stand out and offer immersive experiences such as the Pick & Pose concept.

This concept allows guests to meet and pose with the site’s icons in augmented reality.

After selecting their favorite characters and meeting them in the virtual world, guests can print out superb photos and instantly receive a video of this memorable encounter on their smartphone.

For even more immersive experiences, a printed backdrop can be added.

The AR Booth can also be combined with other sharingbox concepts.


  • Engaging and stunning augmented reality activation
  • Outstanding extra-large touchscreen
  • All-in-one, stand-alone solution
  • Fully customizable hardware and software
  • Fun user-friendly interface
  • Studio quality photos and stunning  videos
  • Fast high-quality photo printing
  • Wide choice of print formats and finishes
  • Contactless bankcard payment system
AR Booth banner highlighting immersive Pick & Pose augmented reality feature for events