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Discover the very first Snapchat face lenses by sharingbox. This concept combines the popularity of Snapchat face filters with all the sharingbox features that you love. You can choose an existing filter from a catalog, or have us design a custom one for you. This experience is compatible with pictures, GIFs and boomerangs!


With the video booth experience, give your guests the chance to be a part of a one-of-a-kind video, which they’ll eagerly share on social medias!

Synchronize your chosen soundtrack for a captivating result. Add your visuals in the video’s intro and outro to maximize your brand’s visibility. Put the spotlight on your guests and give them an experience they’ll never forget.


The cinemagraph experience combines photos and videos. Guests will have to strike a single pose in front of the sharingbox. Animated elements are digitally added around them to create a unique effect.

Still new to many, this concept will have your guests wowed, and ensure your brand maximized visibility on social medias.


We are able to reveal your true self using our special greenscreen technology. Move the board up and down to reveal your inner character.

Users can choose among several characters that you will have pre-selected or designed. By using the Magic Scan they will be able to activate this extraordinary effect and bring their inner selves to life.


Immerge your guests in the heart of your activation with this unique effect. They simply need to stand in front of the sharingbox and a “digital x-ray” effect will be applied over them.

Customize the effect to make it a part brand’s visual identity. Add your visuals in the video’s intro and outro, and the soundtrack of your choice.


Pair any image of your choice with our double exposure filter, and watch your guests be amazed at the result. All we need is a white backdrop to create some truly dazzling effects in photo, GIF, or video format.

Use your own visuals (photo or video) or choose one from our design pack. You can let your audience pick among up to three superimposed visuals right from the sharingbox screen.



The aura filter transcribes the energy the user radiates with a color filter. The users place their hands on the energy reader for the photo to be taken and the aura filter to be created instantly.
The aura filter makes each photo totally unique.

The filter colors can be customized to paste in your graphic universe. Visitors are given a color key to understand the meaning of their filter.


sharingbox Response to Covid-19

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As creative entrepreneurs, sharingbox understands what it means to reinvent oneself and live in a world that is still connected, but in a different and more sustainable way.

This means we are taking a thoughtful and holistic approach to all of our projects, whether those projects are physical events in the future or virtual based in the present.

The process is important to us – it’s not just about the end goal but the way we can bring ground-breaking ideas to life with interactive experiences connecting brands with their audiences and providing a safe environment to all our ecosystem.



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